Success through Safety

Saturn SMS is a technical consultancy specialising in commercial spaceflight, providing customer focused, cost effective solutions.

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Expert Safety Analysis

Our bespoke Safety Management Systems deliver frameworks for achieving accreditation & certification

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Industry Leaders

Dr Andy Quinn is a leading expert in space & aviation safety

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Spaceflight Safety

We are heavily involved in the development of the UK commercial spaceflight industry, working with leading industry partners and carrying out research into the safety criteria and general policy making that will define the development of safe design and safe operations.

Industry leading, innovative companies like Reaction Engines and URA Thrusters are benefiting from Dr Andy Quinn’s expert spaceflight safety research and industry know-how.

As the leading authority on spaceflight safety, Dr Andy Quinn also lectures at City University, and is currently developing a new two-day Continuing Professional Development course for the university’s newly-formed London Space Institute. The course will focus on space launch management to provide a much-needed resolution to the growing skills gap in the sector.


Working to high standards

After 23 years in the RAF, and then working on safety analysis for military fast jets, Saturn SMS recognise the need for high standards in complex systems (including Systems of Systems), and highly innovative industries, such as spaceflight and drones/UAS, operators tend to crack on with their amazing designs and operations, whist believing they are building in safety/reliability, but then realise they have to have a safety case per the CAA requirements. This is a sad but true state of both industries, and organisations should realise they need to engage with Suitably Qualified Experience Personnel early as possible in the project, to ensure ‘success through safety’. This has been our slogan/motto/ethos since the formation some 15 years ago.

Satellite Assurance

Satellites are complex systems that have a lot of failure modes that could prevent it from operating in space, along with the risks of launch and being inserted into orbit, and then positioning itself correctly without causing a collision with other satellites. The UK Space Industry Act  (and Regulations, Guidance) have requirements as part of the launch license application. Saturn SMS can analyse the failure modes (for survivability – in space this is not safety related of course and is focused on reliability/availability).

Drones & AI/Robotics

Drones and remotely operated vehicles are here; as technology matures more and more industries will come to rely on autonomous systems. Saturn SMS are well placed to analyse the requirements and hazards involved.

Robotics are also becoming an integral part of orbital-based space systems and the use of these smart machines is often a critical part of the mission; hence the criticality analysis Saturan SMS can provide is essential.

Dr Andy Quinn lectures at City University; alongside the new CPD, he has been the lecturer on one of their post-graduate MSc Modules – ‘Future Aviation Challenges – from Unmanned Systems to Spaceflight’. The drone/UAS part of this course introduces students to the emerging uses of UAS and focuses on drone delivery (Amazon/UPS) and emerging, unmanned ‘flying taxis’ (though early flights will arguably have a pilot on board). Andy takes the students through the SORA process (Specific Operational Risk Assessment) and conducts workshops on Urban Air Mobility challenges.

Your Spacefight, Your Safety

The essential primer on the second space race

Your Spaceflight, Your Safety is a new guide for prospective private astronauts from renowned space safety expert, Dr Andy Quinn. The book is a must-read primer for astronauts-in-training participating in the second space race. The book covers all the questions that suborbital astronauts signed up to fly with Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin should be asking. From an in-depth analysis of current operators to a look at the next-generation spaceports being constructed as we speak, the book also has relevance to regulatory bodies, industry partners and journalists looking for insight and analysis on this nascent market.

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