Andy Quinn Spaceflight Safety Presentation at ICAO

Andy Quinn, Managing Director of spaceflight safety consultancy Saturn SMS recently attended the thoroughly enjoyable and productive ICAO / UNOOSA AeroSPACE Symposium held in Montreal on 18-20 March.

The symposium brought together 350 delegates from 37 nations, from aviation and space communities aiming to:

… explore existing regulations and practices as well as safety management and systems engineering methods with regard to civil aviation, suborbital flights and developments in space transportation.
– ICAO website

Andy Quinn gave a well received presentation titled “Evolutionary Commercial Spaceflight: Doing it Safely”. Speaking after the close of the symposium, Andy reflected on the challenges ahead:

The symposium provided great debate and highlighted the disparate ideas on frameworks and vehicle levels of safety and design approaches … this will be no easy journey but it is a necessary journey and this symposium is the first step. ICAO held a Space Learning Group meeting and these will continue, and I’m looking forward to the 2nd ICAO/UNOOSA symposium which will be held be in the UAE next year.

Andy’s presentation is available for download:

ICAO_UNOOSA AeroSPACE Symposium Presentation (Andy Quinn)

This presentation, and those from the rest of the event are also available from the symposium’s website:

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