Reaction Engines – 2021 update

Time for a quick update on the work Saturn SMS have been focussing on with Reaction Engines.

  • Saturn delivered on major CDR milestone for the demonstrator core engine (DEMO-A)
  • HAZOP (and work with performance team in assessing HAZOP-identified risks to run in the Dynamic Model – this then resulted in re-sizing of a valve and associated orifices to prevent more severe outcomes)
  • Zonal Hazard Analysis (which identified areas for insulation, re-positioning of equipment, shielding etc.)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (which assisted in identifying common cause failures and allowed for sensitivity analysis, as well as proving the effectiveness of the Safety Critical Monitor as a vital safety measure)
  • Work on subsystem HAZOP for Heat exchanger and Pre-burner combined test

Saturn SMS are pleased to be continuing work with RE on various projects including hypersonic vehicle/engine studies for space and military markets. Andy’s unique insight into the safety and certification challenges for the engine/subsystems (as would be installed in a Flight Test Vehicle) has been of great value to RE.

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