Key Facts About Saturn SMS

  • Formed: February 2006
  • Managing Director: Dr. Andy Quinn, PhD CEng MRAeS

Andy completed his PhD in Suborbital Safety with City University in December 2011.

Saturn SMS Associates/Personnel

Saturn SMS can provide:

  • Safety Specialists
  • Software Specialists
  • Training Specialists
  • Environmental Specialists

Different contracts require different approaches and resources. Saturn SMS is able to provide experienced, qualified and professional safety, environmental & training specialists as required.

Company Background

Saturn SMS was formed in February 2006 by Andy Quinn with the prime purpose of providing safety expertise in both the commercial & military aviation domain and also in the emerging commercial/private spaceflight industry.

Recent & Current Activities

Saturn SMS is actively participating in the emerging UK commercial spaceflight industry. Our chief focus is on the successful implementation of sound safety systems by Design Organisations and Operators and Spaceports.  Dr Andy Quinn reviewed the UK Space Industry Regulations and Guidance Material as part of the consultation.

Dr Andy Quinn is leading a newly formed Space Launch Alliance to provide support services to spaceports and spaceflight operators in their launch license applications; particularly undertaking Assurance Cases whereby clients have already produced designs and analysis (and covering all of the regulations plus our own SLA expert knowledge) and also undertaking the work such as safety analysis and safety case submissions along with ALARP justifications. See the SLA LinkedIn page: Space Launch Alliance

Saturn SMS have continued contracting for Reaction Engines working on the Demonstrator core engine system safety. We have provided support to a number of RE’s projects including Test Facility safety assessment and safety case, Hypersonic Test vehicle/engine flight and ground safety considerations and other projects.

Saturn SMS recently provided initial safety analysis to a spaceport and a Safety Management Plan to a leading vertical spaceflight operator.

Saturn SMS are providing support to B2-Space for their prototype balloon-launched rocket system.

Saturn SMS provided Safety Management Advice for a leading suborbital spaceflight operator in 2010.

Andy Quinn was also the Chair of the Suborbital Safety Technical Committee for the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) between 2011 and October 2017 – see here for more details. He was Chair of the Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety Technical Committee from 2014-2017, covering both orbital and suborbital issues.

The ICAO are now engaging with the IAASS to possibly extend its remit to suborbital spaceflight and certain aspects of orbital spaceflight; Andy provided a briefing for the suborbital industry at the 1st ICAO-UNOOSA Space Working Group, Vienna, 2016.

Contact Andy to talk about how Saturn SMS’s capabilities and standing within this small emerging industry can benefit your business.