Saturn provides bespoke safety services

We can help your company implement proactive Safety Management Systems, rescue shelf-bound Safety Management Plans (SMPs)and help you create a system and culture of safety that will help your company to succeed. Safety is no accident and it takes top-down & bottom-up commitment to prevent hazardous situations becoming accidents.

Military & Commercial Experience

From a strong background in Military Aviation Safety, Saturn SMS has effectively evolved into the Commercial sector to deliver relevant and proactive Safety Management Systems based not only on best practice but on innovative research into the emerging ‘Space Tourism’ industry. Here Saturn’s research has identified gaps in the emerging Regulations and Guidelines and identified disparate best practice from the Aviation and Space domains; the solution is a ‘World Class Safety Model’ which Saturn SMS can tailor to individual projects.

Safety, Training and beyond

We specialise in Safety Management for all business models, Training for the implementation of effective Safe Management and Safe Practices and finally Spaceflight Safety, working with industry leaders and regulators to create safer spaceflight for all.