Safety Analysis

Commercial spaceflight (‘NewSpace’) is a nascent industry with regulators who are trying to balance ‘promotion of the industry’ and regulation. This is a difficult task and within Europe Saturn SMS are at the forefront of this process; assisting the UKSA, the UKCAA in deriving appropriate frameworks from which designers and operators can work within.

At the heart of a newly-developed regulatory framework is a tailored Safety Management System including integrated Systems Safety Engineering. From Dr Andy Quinn’s research and industry knowledge Saturn SMS can provide the following tailored approaches for spaceports or spaceflight operators as part of your launch license application:

Safety Management Systems (for Spacecraft & Spaceports)

  • Safety Management Plan
  • System Safety Program Plans
  • Safety Criteria
  • Safety Management Training

Safety Cases (for Spacecraft & Spaceports)

  • Goal Structuring Notation
  • Claims Argument Evidence
  • Safety Case Reports

Systems Safety Engineering (Design Level)

  • Functional Hazard Analysis
  • Preliminary System Safety Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Event Tree Analysis
  • In-Service Data Analysis
  • Common Mode Failure Analysis (Zonal Hazard Analysis/Particular Risk Analysis)
  • System Hazard Analysis
  • Inherent Hazard Analysis
    • Design related Occupational Health Hazard Analysis (OHHA)
    • Design related Operating & Support Hazard Analysis (OSHA)

Integrator/Operator Safety Risk Management (for Spacecraft & Spaceports)

  • Accident Risk Assessments
  • Operator Inherent Hazard Analysis (OHHA/OSHA)
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Fault Reporting System
  • Flight Ops Quality Assurance
  • Emergency Response/Crisis Management Plans