Software/Complex Hardware Analysis

Novel designs in commercial spacecraft will invariably involve software & complex hardware. So is the proposed system a COTS item or a developmental item or a hybrid of the two? To what standards should the software/complex hardware be compliant with or developed to? Saturn SMS has experience from the aviation domain using DO-178C/DO-254 standards and in developing suborbital software/complex hardware guidelines based on a review of aviation and space standards, such as ECSS, NASA Standards and other relevant guidelines. This experience and understanding of the different standards provides assurance that the software/complex hardware analysis covers the certification requirements and safety considerations within the suborbital & orbital environment.

Software/Complex Hardware Assurance

  • Review/Assessment of the software datapacks;
    • Software Plans/Complex Hardware Plans
    • Software Requirements/Complex Hardware Requirements (and traceability¬† thereof)
    • Software Testing/Complex Hardware Testing
    • Software QA/Complex Hardware Quality Assurance
    • Software V&V/Complex Hardware Validation & Verification
    • Software FFPA/Complex Hardware Functional Failure Path Analysis
    • Software SSA/Complex Hardware System Safety Analysis