Research & Influence


PhD – ‘Examining the Influence of Safety Management in the Personal Spaceflight Industry’ (worked with the EASA)

MSc – ‘Safety Management of the Spaceflight Participant’ (worked with leading space tourism company)

International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) – Andy Quinn chairs a Technical Committee (see IAASS page for more information)

Papers & Presentations

IAC Valencia, Oct 2006 – The Safety Management Approach to Space Tourism

IAASS 2008 – Centrifuge Training as Key Safety Mitigation in the Commercial Spaceflight Industry

IAASS 2010 – Safety Criteria for the Private Spaceflight Industry [pdf, 550kb]

IAASS 2011 – New Safety Model for Commercial Spaceflight

IAASS 2013 – Emerging Developments & Issues – Suborbital Commercial Spaceflight

IAASS 2016 – The right stuff versus the right (safe) thing_QUINN S03 (8th IAASS Conference – Florida, USA)

IAASS 2017  – Arguing the safety cases for space (9th IAASS Toulouse)


SpaceShip2 analysis

After the SpaceShip2 Accident in October 2014, Andy waited until the NTSB Accident Investigation had concluded to present his safety and human factors analysis on the Accident, which resulted in one fatality and one lucky pilot who miraculously survived the vehicle breakup at Mach 1.

UKSA/UK CAA Spaceplane Working Groups.

Dr Andy Quinn has been involved in the UKSA/DfT/UK CAA Spaceplane Regulation Workshops. The 4th Workshop was held after the UK Space Conference 2013 –