Previously, Andy Quinn was the Chair of a Suborbital Safety Technical Committee (SS TC)  for the IAASS.

At the 7th IAASS Conference (Oct 2014) Andy was elected to be the Chair of a new Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety (CHSS) Technical Committee. This encompasses both orbital and suborbital spaceflight.

 IAASS conferences / events

  • 3rd IAASS – Rome, Italy
    Andy presented a joint paper to the IAASS in 2008 regarding personal space safety and in particular Centrifuge Training as key mitigation.
  • 4th IAASS – Huntsville AL, USA
    Andy presented a paper on Safety Criteria and was also a member of the panel for a discussion on Commercial/Private Spaceflight.
  • 5th IAASS – Versailles, France
    Andy presented a summary paper from the SS TC. Andy also chaired a commercial human spaceflight session.
  • Suborbital Safety Technical Committee Workshop
    Andy chaired a SS TC workshop which finalized and ratified five standards and seven guidelines applicable to suborbital flights. This was held at GMV’s facilities in Madrid.
  • 6th IAASS – Montreal, Canada
    Andy co-presented a summary of suborbital standards and guidelines and was also the co-chair of three commercial human spaceflights sessions.
  • 7th IAASS – Friedrichshafen, Germany
    Andy presented the updates to the Suborbital Safety Guidance Manual (in peer review at the time of the conference). Andy also co-chaired a commercial human spaceflight session with Ed Mango (NASA) and took part in a commercial human spaceflight panel session with members from the EASA, McGill, the IAASS Executive Director, NASA and the FAA-AST. See our latest news for more information
  • 8th IAASS Conference – Florida, USA
    After the SpaceShip2 Accident in October 2014, Andy waited until the NTSB Accident Investigation had concluded to present his safety and human factors analysis on the Accident, which resulted in one fatality and one lucky pilot who miraculously survived the vehicle breakup at Mach 1.